COMPLETED $299 Canon EOS-M: body + 22mm lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

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    Selling</br> Canon EOS-M: body + 22mm lens
    </br>Prices</br> $299
    </br>Location</br> USA
    </br>Ships to</br> USA
    </br>Description</br> Well, I tried the M. It's a very nice camera (see my mini-review below), but I don't think it's for me. I just can't seem to get along with the 35mm eq FOV (having tried the X100, the Olympus 17/1.8 and even a Canon 35L). I guess I'm a 28 and 50 shooter. I also like my 45mm macro too much, to switch off m43.

    I can ship it back to Amazon, but I think the $299 special is over (or at least the 22mm lenses are hard to find), so I thought I'd see if anyone here wants it. My price is firm, unless you are local to Metrowest Boston, in which case I'd do $275 in person. It's brand new, so I'm not going to take the time to take pics.

    My mini review:
    • Great build quality
    • Super quiet. Much quieter than m43. Lens is silent when focusing (unlike the buzzy P20), and shutter sound is very understated (quieter than my EPM2 or OMD)
    • LCD -- resolution, color, contrast. Gorgeous
    • Natural to use the LCD for controls
    • Though minimal, the grip is comfortable and effective
    • THE LENS! Oh my, this lens! It is sharp, focuses macro-close, is fast (f/2) and has gorgeous bokeh. I hope Canon does this same approach on a 28 or 50 eq! It is better than the Panasonic 20mm 1.7, IMO
    • $300 (less than the Panasonic 20mm itself, 1/2 the price of a used X100) for a great 35mm pocket cam!

    • Large focus box
    • Slower focus (it's like EP1 + Panasonic 20mm slow. Or X100 slow)
    • Slowish shot to shot speed
    • Fewer buttons than other cameras

    Basically, it's not a fast camera, but gives fantastic IQ. If you want a pocket 35, want it on the cheap, and don't rush your shots, this might be a good camera for you.

    I'm leaving for a business trip Monday, so if it doesn't sell over the weekend, I'll just return it to Amazon.
    </br>Payment accepted</br>
    • Regular PayPal (fee included in price)
    Shipping method</br> USPS priority insured
    </br>Shipping charge</br> included
    </br>Handling time</br> a couple of days usually
    </br>References</br> here, mu, fm, etc.
    </br>Additional comments</br>
    • Will ship only to the address on the PayPal transaction details page
    • Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address
    • I have read and agree to the Buy and Sell rules.
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