A Dartmoor pony on the wrong side of the cattle grid

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    Whilst out walking on Dartmoor this morning I came across a pony that was on the wrong side of a cattle grid, that's a series of metal slats over a pit in the road which is of course designed such that they won't cross it, although I do recall some that used to lie down on one side and then roll across them. The pony was looking rather folornly at the open moor on the other side of the grid.


    I opened the gate at the side of the grid and had to stand there and hold it open, so the pony took a minute or two to make its mind up that I meant it no harm, having satisfied itself it walked through the gate and immediately started to avidly feed on the nearest piece of relatively lush grass, certainly longer and lusher than anything it could have reached in the stone walled lane that it had been in which leads down to the small settlement of Sheepstor.



    Despite hopefully having done it a good turn, any closer approach resulted in it turning round and stamping a hind foot, which I took to be a signal that I was encroaching a little too much on its space.

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    Good for you, Barrie! He was lucky you came along - and you managed to get some lovely pictures of him. I just love those Dartmoor ponies!
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    More shots of Dartmoor to come when they've been processed, but no ponies for you BB, sorry.