A serious camera-cover!

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    Sep 19, 2010

    This is almost exactly what I had thought up for myself a few weeks ago and have been spending hours trying to make one at home - and today find someone is making it!:eek:

    Basically a neoprene DSLR cover with lens operational and clear plastic back to to enable OVF viewing as well as see LCD and controls.Then put on a lens cover and you'll have a WR cover system at fraction of WR DSLR and lens cost. Not perfect access to all controls but you can fire the shutter and push buttons, and if you're patient, maybe twiddle a thumbwheel. IMHO this is much better design than 99% of the useless gimmicks out there at the moment.

    This is what M4/3 needs until somebody finally makes some WR bodies and lenses.
  2. I do like the concept but there is no way you would be able to use the scroll wheels on that camera. The viewfinder will be less than perfect too.
  3. wolfie

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    Sep 19, 2010
    Not perfect access ...

    but I'd reckon for the advantage to be able to shoot in rain or around splashing water, I'd accept the limitations on tweaking settings. The big thing is to preset the mode and other major parameters before shooting in the "danger zone". I can turn the mode dial on my Powershot A640 when in a dicapac plastic bag, it takes a few seconds to nudge it along but it can be done.

    But it is so annoying to see yet another Olympus ruggedized camera :dash2: and neither Oly or Panny (or Sony or Samsung) have made even one mirrorless WR body or WR lens after two years!
  4. I use a Kata Elements cover on both my Nikon D90 and Olympus E-P1. The same cover fits both. It has a zippered bottom and two arm holes and gives you full access to the camera controls.

    Kata E-690. Elements Covers (Kata Bags)

    It packs away into a relatively small space.