Amazon US - buy select camera received $50 Amazon gift card- TODAY ONLY

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    Santa are you reading? weihnacht_2_3.

    P.S. Wow, that E-PL3 and 17mm seems like a good price. I'm very out of touch with prices for the Mu43 cameras. Does that seem good to you? I'm sure the others are equally good deals.
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  3. krugorg

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    Kyle Krug
    Time for Santa to buy Armando a new GXR! :biggrin: Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they have an A12 bundle covered. You save something like $85 when you buy the A12 kit from Adorama.

    Ugh... the E-PM1 for $399 (okay, doesn't really quite work like that with the gift card after purchase) is pretty tempting!