Basque country redux

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    Martin Connolly
    Some reworked images from my recent Bilbao trip (the San Sebastian one is Analog Efex Pro, the rest are Silver Efex Pro)
    16153738413_8958913f97_k.jpg San Sebastian in the rain by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    16151236314_3a4cd08c88_k.jpg Towers by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    16747666636_9b41c6311d_k.jpg Chains #2 by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    16772379601_07e614a66d_k.jpg Monument #2 by theoldsmithy, on Flickr
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  2. Fascinating sculptures
  3. Ghosthunter

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    Sep 8, 2010
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    Isn't Analog efex Pro just the most fun!!

    Nice images by the way :)
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    Dec 24, 2010
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    Love the shot of the anchor chain