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    I popped down to Hereford last week for a few days to see an old friend who lives in a small village just outside the city. Like me he's retired so I often go down there, or he comes up here and we mostly end up eating curry and drinking (far too much) beer, but we also take days out to somewhere interesting. Last time I was here we went over to Worcester to see King John's grave in the cathedral, this time we decided to visit what is locally known as the Black & White Village Trail.

    The Black and White Villages are so called because most of the houses are half timbered. They have structural black oak beams which are panelled in between with either white painted brick or the original white wattle and daub...... All very English.

    We didn't get to see all the villages on the trail but we managed some of the more interesting ones. Unfortunately the day was quite grey with quite flat & featureless light so the photos aren't the best I'm afraid, but I thought some of our non-UK members here would like to see a bit of Ye Olde Englande anywaye. There are quite a few photos - sorry about that - all shot on my Oly Pen E-PL5 using the 14-42 Olympus zoom lens

    The first village we called at was Dilwyn, a nice quiet little place with the ubiquitous village green, pub & church

    St Mary's Church, Dilwyn

    The nearest town to Dilwyn is Leominster - pronounced as written on this sign on the church wall

    We're certainly old enough for the senoir citizen's lunch but alas, we're a bit early!

    Weobly, once famous for the beer that was brewed here, Is the next village on our route. King Charles 1st stayed here after the battle of Naseby in 1645

    The old garage is quite quaint - and it only sells Diesel

    On the way to Pembridge we called to see the "Eardisley Great Oak Tree" which is reputed to be between 600 & 800 years old. It's a big 'un!

    We stopped at Pembridge for lunch in the Olde Tea Shoppe. One cheese Scone, a home made sausage roll and of course a nice cup of tea later we went to look at the church - another St Mary's - which has an unusual feature.

    St Mary;s church which has no steeple ................

    ........but it does have a seperate bell tower.

    Eardisland is probably the nicest village on the Black and White Trail. The last time I was here was around 20 years ago when we were on holiday in the area with our kids. Sadly it started to rain while we were here so I grabbed a few quick shots then we headed for home, and then went out for a few beers and a curry :smile:

    Taken 20 odd years ago at Eardisland, the little guy is 28 now and I'm a lot more wrinkly

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    That oak tree...
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    Sounds like a perfect day.
  4. What a great series of shots and a great hangout spot.

    What is extra nice is having a friend to spend the time with.
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    A beautiful set indeed. And what a great place to be.
    If I had to pick one, it would be #9.
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    Bill Shinnick
    Really like these - makes me think of Midsomer Murders (never been to UK).
  7. I have said this before, it is one of the few things I dislike about where I live, no old buildings.
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    What a wonderful set of images!! Really enjoyed looking at those. Thanks for posting!!
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