Butterfly Garden (image heavy)

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  1. pniev

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    Jun 10, 2013
    I went to the butterfly garden this morning to check if on-camera flash + softbox would work (a macro flash kit is pretty expensive!). Camera: Nikon D750.
    Most shots were taken with 105mm. A few with 70-200 f4. Postprocessing: primarily standard or vivid camera profile - some clarity - s-tone curve - sharpening. Exposure adjustment upon need (either shadows/blacks or exposure)

    I am not 100% happy about the results but I am somewhat stuck how I could improve. Suggestions are welcome!







    #7 - same in BW:

    #8 - Another BW:




    #12 - same in BW:

    #13 - Darth Vader was also there:

    And some other species in the butterfly garden:




    Some Flowers:


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    Looks like you had fun. I think #6 is my favorite. I also like the mono version.
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