Distortion correction in LR4

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    There is some chatter about the effect of the distortion correction for the RX100 in LR4, causing the corners to degrade. I had a look at my files in LR and could see that corner resolution is below that of the centre (nothing special there of course).

    As I understand it, the correction is made as soon as the conversion happens?

    For what it's worth ladies and gents, I did a quick check comparing the TIFF conversion in the RAW Converter that 'comes' with the camera, and LR4. Using the same picture (obviously) I could see no discernable difference (none actually).

    so, does the RAW converter also do distortion correction automatically? Or is the correction in LR4 so subtle you cant see it?

    As far as corner resolution is concerned, well, thats probably something to live with. however, if anyone could share their insights into the optimum aperture to get sharpness across the frame that may be useful for the good people who frequent this place.

    for what it's worth the shot I did the comparison with was at f5, widest angle, 1/250.

    going to have a close up lens / close up filter delivered tomorrow. shall share my findings on the macro front.
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    If it's anything like Micro 4/3, or the Canon G1X, the lens correction data is written into the raw file by the camera at the time of capture. Lightroom should be reading and applying this same correction data; I don't think that they apply their own.
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    Oct 28, 2012
    For anyone interested, I found a set of parameters that can be plugged into Aftershot Pro that will correct for lens distortion across a range of focal lengths for our beloved camera. They can be found here - Sony DSC-RX100 lensfun xml - Pastebin.com

    Basically, you will be editing your C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\Corel AfterShot Pro\supportfiles\Profiles\LensProfiles\profile_sony.txt file with the following information.

    begin camera
    group: sonyRX100
    multiplier: 2.70
    menu_make: Sony
    menu_model: RX100
    exif_make: SONY
    exif_model: RX100

    begin lens
    group: sonyRX100
    multiplier: 2.70
    calibrated: true
    menu_lens: Standard
    cal_abc: 10.4 0.008360 -0.053160 -0.027880
    cal_abc: 12.8 0.008910 -0.060950 0.021960
    cal_abc: 14.9 -0.005710 0.009090 -0.064490
    cal_abc: 16.6 -0.004280 -0.011130 0.004200
    cal_abc: 19.1 0.005230 -0.037430 0.033690
    cal_abc: 20.4 -0.003120 -0.003680 -0.003600
    cal_abc: 23.3 -0.002220 -0.008430 0.013790
    cal_abc: 25.0 -0.005650 0.003700 0.003180
    cal_abc: 26.9 -0.002450 -0.008590 0.019240
    cal_abc: 28.8 -0.008420 0.015800 -0.011140
    cal_abc: 33.2 -0.010650 0.021320 -0.011540
    cal_abc: 37.1 0.002260 -0.024010 0.039700

    I did not create these parameters and have not used them all, however, I have tested the 10.4 and the 37.1 sets and the results closely match the JPG output of the camera. If you do decide to edit your profile_sony.txt file be sure to make a backup.
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