Evil Fish

Discussion in 'Nature' started by davect01, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. I was trying to take a photo of our Betta Fish. It did not turn out well, but I love it anyways.

    28mm Sigma and A6000.

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    I live shooting fish. They are MUCH harder to shoot than children. I think it captures the betta mouth shape very well.
  3. I am having a hard time getting a good shot of this fella. He is a dark purple, so to get him properly lit I have to use a flash, or external light. Then I am getting all kinds of reflections.
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    I have problems with birds too fast too jerky unpredictable - no wonder they call the enthusiasts twichers
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    Over here it's swarms of piss drunk tourists jumping into the frame whenever you're about to make the shot-of-your-life (~27ish times a day).
  6. No respect