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  1. I've just begun reading some I've collected over the past year, some were referenced first somewhere in this forum but I havent a clue where that thread is, so I thought I would start one thats specifically for eBooks as opposed to hard copy. I'm reading them on my iPad3 with Goodreader. The following are all free.

    Thomas Leuthard on Street Photography. His ebooks are free, easy reading and there's a bunch of really decent photographs as well. I've only just downloaded Street Faces a few moments ago.
    1) Going Candid
    2) Collecting Souls
    3) Street Faces

    Chris Weeks' Street Photography for the Purist. Not sure what to make of this guy, really crappy attitude: if you dont use Leica or a rangefinder at least, and a film one for preference, you can't call yourself a street photographer... and he's really rude about it. But he's a well respected photographer, it seems.

    And there are many many freebies listed here. Most seem to be of the how-to type, and Weeks is also referenced there, as well as a truckload of other photography related stuff, and links to more free ebook sites.
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    I don't eRead, but if I did, I'd skip that Weeks fellow for sure. There's plenty enough negative attitude in daily life without adding more from some snarky "artiste".
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  3. pdh

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    Jan 2, 2011
    I see one of them is called "the camera buying guide" which I imagine Armando could do with reading
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  4. Luke

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    Not sure he needs to read it..... it's my understanding that he's quite accomplished at camera buying ;)
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  5. Boid

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    Now to find one by Robert Frank, preferably called "The Americans" and anything by Andre Kertesz :biggrin:
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    Rajiv, mate these installments, like most quality photobooks, don't translate well to the electronic medium. Honestly do yourself a favour and buy them in the form the photog intended - tangible and oh-so-real and ever-present paper. No need for calibration of monitors and experience the wonderful high only achieved by inhaling deep on the smell of a book.

    By the way, having read both of Thomas Leuthard's first two street-photography how-tos (Collecting Souls and Going Candid) I must say that I, frankly, abhor his approach to photography. I sincerely believe that he should be gifted with an injury (physical, emotional, spiritual - who cares as long as it hurts) administered by his subjects....and on top of that his photos are average at best on every level. But your mileage might vary.
  7. MUAHHAHAHAH. I think he deserves certification for his accomplishments :)
  8. MARK, geez...! For those of us who are not street photographers, and who find it intimidating, his stuff is just fine. As are his photographs. Given that he himself admits that he's only been doing it for a couple of years, and actually doesn't hold himself up as an expert, but rather, "heres what I do, it might help you too, or not" rather than Weeks' "this is what you must do because I said so and I *AM* an expert and you are just a fool if you dont pay attention"... I like Leuthard. So there (but then, my photographs are also average, at best).
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    Phoenix Gonzales
    He could have very well wrote the article himself :biggrin:
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    Nov 12, 2010
    Sue, thank you very much for this one :smile: I'm a pretty shy person too, I just read through the whole thing as soon as I saw your link :tongue: I'm afraid it doesn't give me a magic fix and it'll take a lot of work, but there're definitely some valuable tips in there that I can work with. So again, thank you!
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  11. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    I've read Thomas's books. Been in and out of that street community for what, probably close to two years now. Take the info you find valuable Sue and remember that if it really makes you uncomfortable or you fear someone might get angry, then respect them and move on. That is the one sketchy rule that street photographers seem to have, the "It is legal and therefore my right" but I think your rights stop when you invade another person's space close enough that they protest. If you like street photography you might also want to read Eric Kim's Blog. Eric Kim Street Photography Blog | Workshops, Inspiration, and Community He has a lot of lessons/advice on his blog. Again take what applies to you and discard what does not. Even Eric will tell you that you have to do what is right for you AND even Eric.. gets all gung-ho when he tries something new. You'll see his opinions fluctuate but that is because as he is learning and exploring he is sharing that experience as he does so. Like his flash phase. ;) I don't agree with everything they do [and it's better to learn from them what NOT to do] but they have a lot of good advice and overall seem to be good guys.

    Anyway thanks for sharing the other links, I will peek at those since I haven't seen most of them.
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  12. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    So I finally got back to that link and I had a lot of them! Some I recall and others I must have downloaded with intent and just hadn't read them yet so more to absorb. :)
  13. LOL I didn't have them, and some I don't want, but following links led to others and still more!
  14. elsie350

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    Apr 7, 2012
    Look forward to having a look at them, thanks for sharing the links
  15. Boid

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    Oh I agree totally. I have taken to printing out my images lately, and it's a different kettle of fish.
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  16. nikki

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    Thanks Sue - Ive downloaded all of them ,- now I just need time to read them!! :smile:
  17. This is a very big issue. Time. ah well, in time. I've managed to read 3 1/2, its a start.