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    Dec 11, 2013
    I have a Fuji X100s and the Leica X2. The Fuji focuses much sharper than the Leica but the Leica has better over-all color. Someone said that you can enhance either the JPEG or the RAW image of the Fuji to be close to the Leica. Anyone heard about that ? Also, what settings within the Fuji would approximate or come closest to the Leica color ?

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    For me two things bring the Fuji image closer to the Leica's natural mode ... add some blue by cooling the white balance and desaturate a little , then try sharpening some more to get the Leica "pop".
    BTW I have the X1 and the X100S but I wouldn't say that the X100S is sharper than the X1 although the X1 is said to be sharper than the X2 with the same lens !
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