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    All female band(sisters) from Dayton Ohio. They tour all over the country. Nice punk/pop sound...more to the punk side.

    From the Independent's Day Festival a few weeks back. Still sifting through the image backlog.

    All images Nikon Df and 28-85/3.5-4.5
    Post processed in Lightroom and Nik Analog Efex Pro 2 (vintage/double exposure/toy camera presets - tweaked)

    I know these will not be for everyone, some will say "too processed" I'm sure, but I wanted to take a little artistic license with these.

    Lead Singer
    Bass Player09-19-2015_Df_ind_day_fest_DSC_3884-Edit.jpg
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  2. Great stuff
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    I personally love the processing in that first shot. I like the drummer too, as well as the photo of her... ;)
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    Nice set!
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