Good morning from Charlotte, North Carolina!

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Hello everyone!

    I am an avid photographer, husband and father of four. Utilized low-end P&S from the later 1990's through 2010. In January of 2010 I purchased a Panasonic GF1 kit that reignited my love of photography (much to the chagrin of my children), and now, 20,000+ images later, I think I am finally getting the hand of this serious compact.

    Last year I stumbled upon and have been posting sporadically over there. Wandered over here as I kept seeing references from other posters. If this community is half as friendly and informative as, then it's sure to be a great place indeed!

    My walkaround body is a GF1, although I also have a G2 and an E-P2. Have a couple of film cameras (Nikon F3, Yashica GSN, Leica CL, Leica M3) and I also have begun using my iPhone 4 more frequently for wide angle shots. Looking forward to learning from other members and sharing some of what I have learned.

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