GRDIII firmware upgrade: Mac compatible?

Discussion in 'Ricoh Forum' started by N05J3W3, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. N05J3W3

    N05J3W3 New to SC

    Dec 17, 2012
    Looking into the GRDIII, and I'm getting the impression from online resources that the firmware upgrade is Windows-driven.

    Can anyone conform whether or not this is possible to do on a Mac [OSX] platform?


  2. Crsnydertx

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Houston, TX
    Yes, the GRD III firmware upgrades are available for both Windows and OSX.
  3. boliston

    boliston SC Rookie

    Oct 12, 2011
    Not sure about the GRD3 but the GRD4 firmware update appears to be o/s independent. I don't have OSX or Windows just Ubuntu and I just copied the firmware file to a freshly formatted SD card (formatted in the GRD4) and went to the firmware menu in the camera and selected upgrade and it worked fine.
  4. N05J3W3

    N05J3W3 New to SC

    Dec 17, 2012
    Thanks, Chuck and boliston. A little more digging turned up the fact that firmware can be had in Mac flavours, too.

    All good.
  5. You dont actually need the installer file, just get the bin, drop into the root of your SD card and follow instructions for install.