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HX series camer photos

Discussion in 'Sony Forum' started by Lars Corso, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Lars Corso

    Lars Corso SC Regular

    Apr 1, 2013
    I have a hx50v and I know that lot's of people use sony hx series cameras. So show us your photos taken with different hx's

    foto_9-18-2013_7-07-24_PM.JPG foto_9-18-2013_1-43-32_PM.JPG foto_9-18-2013_7-11-58_PM.JPG foto_9-13-2013_1-13-30_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_8-24-2013_12-57-35_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_8-15-2013_11-38-52_AM_-_Copy.JPG foto_8-18-2013_12-07-28_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_7-31-2013_7-56-59_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_7-21-2013_9-58-12_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_7-18-2013_7-43-46_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_7-18-2013_7-19-37_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_7-18-2013_7-18-52_PM_-_Copy.JPG foto_7-16-2013_6-13-58_PM.JPG foto_12-8-2013_12-07-33_PM.JPG foto_12-4-2013_9-50-46_AM.JPG foto_10-1-2013_12-37-27_PM.JPG Really sorry for big series, hope I didn't break any forum / posting rules, if I have a apologize. But the intenttion is let's give you started, show us your best photos with hx series cameras. Thank you