If you suffer from seasickness, best not look

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    The pleasure craft off Brixham were getting bounced around a little this morning. Never mind, if they sank the Torbay lifeboat wasn't too far away https://www.photographerslounge.org...swers-shout-call-out-choppy-conditions-10063/

    First out was the Dart Venturer attempting to make the passage around the coast to Dartmouth, about 8-9 nautical miles. There were a few hardy souls on board.

    Was it a wise idea?

    Perhaps not. In the distance the Brixham sailing trawler Vigilance

    The crew took pity on the passengers and returned to port after barely 0.5 mile. When I returned home through Dartmouth I overheard two of the riverboat shore crew complaining that this vessel had not made the passage as they had passenger bookings for it from Dartmouth.

    Later, the Clipper taking sightseers out for the sailing trawler race showed just how choppy it was.

    No cropping of any pictures.

    Panasonic GH2 with Olympus 50-200mm, f/2.8-3.5 zoom lens.

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    Hey Barrie, thanks for these great series.
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    Nice set Barrie. It certainly made me appreciate terra firma even more. This sorta thing is not for me mate.
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    Oh god Barry I was ill looking at these ! There is no way you would get me out on those seas!! last summer I came back from an island on a very small car ferry it was raining and rough but I had to get off the island I stupidly left my window open while sitiing in the car and a wave came over the side !! - you can guess the rest ! :smile:
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    I think the sea faring types would call me a land lubber
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    Love these shots, wish you had closes ones of the sailing trawlers...working sail is sooo coool!
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  8. Looks like some rough water out there!
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