In the Studio with the OMD-E-M1

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    David Fonseca
    So after a pretty long hiatus I went back into the studio with vigor armed with my EM1 yesterday and thought I would share the results What a fun shoot! :)

    fonsecafoto-2110006-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110012-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110019-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110043-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110090-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110095-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110119-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110174-L.jpg fonsecafoto-2110158-L.jpg

    Model Credit: Christine Llerins of Nicole Shelly Models Inc. Miami Florida.

    If you are interested in my impressions of the EM1 in the studio check out the thread on
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