iPhone6 snaps from the vacation

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    Dec 25, 2014
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    I tried to manage w/o proper camera few days / few places on my vacation. And suddenly with extensive usage of filters I managed to take some keepers. Lessons learned: just focus on taking a photo and you could do with just phone camera, IMO.

    Cazaux La Teste-de-Buch 2016-07-04 17.46.00 iPhone 6 by Matero, on Flickr

    Cazaux La Teste-de-Buch 2016-07-04 17.48.00 iPhone 6 by Matero, on Flickr

    Cazaux La Teste-de-Buch 2016-07-04 17.49.00 iPhone 6 by Matero, on Flickr

    Le Blockhaus La Teste-de-Buch 2016-07-04 22.30.00 iPhone 6
    by Matero, on Flickr

    Notre Dame Moulleau La Teste-de-Buch 2016-07-06 16.29.00 iPhone 6 by Matero, on Flickr​
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