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    I'm not an i-user but this looks worth a look at 99cents.

    August 13, 2012

    99c iTunes super-app: AppZilla 3 includes 17 camera/photo related apps

    If you want to get your iTunes app fix without breaking the bank, the new AppZilla 3 super-app (iOS 5 or later) is available for 99c on iTunes. Obviously you are not going to find Photoshop Touch caliber apps there, but it includes 17 camera/photography related simple fun apps. The apps are ad-free! Some of them are image capture apps, some are image post-capture apps (filters, effects, etc). Included in the 150 are about a dozen Google apps which are freely available anyway.

    The camera/photography related apps are:
    + Auto Camera (takes pictures at preset time intervals)
    + Captionator (add captions to pictures)
    + Censor Cam (it censors (!) the video/picture)
    + Color Calc (traverse the spectrum, get RGB/HSV/HEX numbers)
    + Color Detect (perhaps the most useful, it breaks down colors in R/G/B and H/S/L numbers as the camera sees them)
    + Distort Cam (distorts)
    + Etch Cam (etch-a-sketchy)
    + Face FX
    + Full Camera (touch any part of the touchscreen to activate the shutter)
    + Heat Vision (you can be a ghost hunter too!)
    + Night Vision (green times)
    + Photo Cloak
    + Photo Filter
    + Photo Goo
    + Secret Cam (records video while showing a blank screen)
    + Toon Cam (as the name suggests)
    + Vintage Cam (hipster party!)

    On an iPod Touch that was running out of battery, it bolted out to the home screen about half a dozen times. I opened about half of the apps in succession as I was testing them out. This is a poor blog, we can't afford iPhones and iPads!