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Discussion in 'Open Gear Talk' started by Lightmancer, Sep 13, 2014.

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    Y'know, every Sunday paper has this heading in it's gardening section. Even Monty Don tells you what to do on a Friday night on Gardener's World.

    Well, here's one for photographers.

    I have had my Billingham Hadley Pro for about 12 years. In that time it - and more especially it's insert - has accompanied me far and wide. I am in the habit of putting the insert into other cheaper "high street" bags from Gap and the like for the purposes of discretion. I even have a leather briefcase into which it fits perfectly; when in Rome, and all that.

    Anyway, I'm going snappin' tomorrow and I happened to pull my X-Pro out of the insert (it's currently living in £30 quid's worth of waxed cotton bag from Next - the insert and the Domke shoulder pad combined are worth more than the crummy bag) and I realised it was covered in crud. A quick emptying out and the full extent of the amount of dusty crap that had accumulated was revealed, particularly when I turned the insert inside out. Yuk.

    Anyway, 15 minutes work with one of those velcro type clothes brushes and it came up good as new. Net result - my bag is now a milligram or two lighter and my cameras are considerably less dusty.

    So, there's your challenge - take a critical look at the inside of your camera bag - then do something about it!

    This was a public service information rant on behalf of dust-bunnies everywhere.
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    I've actually trying to get my new Billingham add on pouch dirtier !!
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    My camera bag never gets dirty because it sits unused in a closet. I've taken to just wearing my camera either on a neck strap or a sling.
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