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    Large format equipment for Ricoh GR


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    This is an odd offer to make on this forum, I know, but I have first-rate large-format gear that I simply don't use -- so if anyone wants to go from tiny to really large, I'd love to trade for a Ricoh GR. My camera is an all-metal Super Speed Graphic -- the last model made by Graflex: essentially the same as a Toyo 45. This is an amazing, highly portable 4x5, with a complete range of movements.


    A useful guide to the features of this specific model is here: http://www.cameraquest.com/supergrp.htm

    I have upgraded it with a Maxwell focusing screen (huge improvement), and I have a fabulous modern lens with it: the 150mm Rodenstock APO-Sironar-S. The lens alone is worth considerably more than a GR. The whole kit is worth something in the range of $1500, but it's hard to sell large-format gear, and I'd rather do an exchange.

    I'd trade the kit for a GR plus accessories -- I'd need a GV-1 or Voigtlander finder, and some sort of case (preferably Gariz). I'd also consider other flavors of serious compact (current models only).

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