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  1. mrc

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Ahhhhh.....I'm driving myself crazy on this one help! Is the sensor really that much better in the NEX's than the soon to come out G3? The NEX has a bigger sensor and the G3 has more MP....sooooo which do I get? I have cash in hand and am ready to pull the trigger on something but simply can not decide!

    Then the NEX C3 comes out soon too... Should I get the NEX 5 when the price drops or is the NEXC3 worth waiting for?

    Going crazy here...please help!

    Well, the good news is that I know I want a NEX or a G3 :wink:
  2. Streetshooter

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    Jul 12, 2010
    Philly, Pa
    There's much more to decide about besides IQ.
    EVF, screen, form factor, lenses.
    It would help if you listed your wants then needs so we can help you spend your money.
  3. mrc

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    Jun 1, 2011
    I really want to have the image quality to be a high factor. However, I have never had a EVF (since I am coming from a PS) but I here that it is worth having. Video would also be a factor. Lenses...I know Sony doesn't have that much, but I don't see myself going crazy with the lenses as I am more using the camera for vacations and events and when I do some fun things as I am not an every day shooter/photographer. Build quality would also be up there. I think the panorama is a very nice feature but I don't think it is a deal breaker. I really dont mind the style of each of them and was hoping for some professional opinions even though the G3 isn't out yet...which by the way....when will we it in stores?????
  4. Streetshooter

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    Jul 12, 2010
    Philly, Pa
    I have the Nex 5 and it's a real good camera.
    I started using my Canon FD lenses on it and what a difference.
    My preference is also the better IQ and the Nex delivers there, for sure.
    I don't like DSLR type cameras so the Nex suites me fine.
    I am now using the X100 and the Nex complements it very well.
    My vote would be the Nex system.
  5. mrc

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Is the video quality on the 5 much better than the 3? I guess is it worth the extra money for the more durable material? (Not that I would test how durable the camera is by dropping it or something) lol
  6. HeatherTheVet

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    Apr 23, 2011
    I reckoned that if I was laying out that sort of money on a camera I wanted the one with the durable body, highest quality possible etc. so I went with the NEX-5. I am no professional so can't help you with all the techy sensor size type stuff, I'm much more a hands on shallow type. Do I like it, can I use it, is it pretty.
  7. Armanius

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Houston, Texas
    Greetings mrc!

    The NEX3 is pretty sturdy, although not quite as sturdy as the NEX5. The video is a matter of preference. Much easier to edit and play the NEX3 video files. When it comes to the 3 vs. 5, the grip is probably the most important factor. See what feels better in your hand.

    Now for the NEX v. G3 ... I have the NEX3 and a GH2. I'd have to say go with the NEX3 in terms of image quality when it comes to noise at high ISO and dynamic range. The GH2 gives me sharper photos at base ISO than the NEX3 though. If the NEX system had more lenses available, I would have likely not bought the GH2. IMO, the lack of fast native lenses for the NEX is its biggest weakeness.

    As for the NEX3C, the 16 meg sensor in it might be worthwhile to wait for. It's supposedly the same highly aclaimed sensor on the Pentax K-5, Nikon D7000/5100, Sony A55 and A580. But the NEX's current 14 meg sensor is definitely no slouch.

    Just my 2 cents! :)
  8. mrc

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Honestly I am the same way... however I just wanted to see what others think. When I held them both at Bestbuy not too long ago (material wise) they felt the same. Although I knew the NEX5 was a metal material from the specifications.
  9. Pelao

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    Jul 11, 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    You really can't go wrong with any of the choices. For a very versatile and simple setup, the G3 with 14-140 lens is likely hard to beat.

    It's very important that you spend significant time with the cameras, working through the menus etc., to make sure they will work for you. For example, the Nex cameras do not meet my needs: I do not like the interface at all. For others they are fine (rumour has it the Nex 7 will be an improvement).

    If your final output is for display on computer or TV screen and just the occasional print, your image quality needs are easily met by either Nex or M4/3.

    There are not too many deep G3 reviews out yet, though Imaging Resource named it their current favourite camera.
  10. Ray Sachs

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Not too far from Philly
    you should be able to figure it out...
    You say that IQ is really high on your list but that you're just stepping up from a point and shoot. In which case, I strongly suspect you'll be pleasantly blown away by the image quality of either of the choices. The differences are pretty subtle and are most pronounced in really low light, which you may or may not care that much about. I'd say you should really just handle each in a shop when the G3 is available and see which one feels more natural to you. Do you like looking into the viewfinder, do you like flipping the rear screen up and shooting at different angles, does the auto focus on one feel snappier to you than the other, do the controls on one feel more intuitive????

    Given where you're coming from, you don't have a bad option on the table. Whichever one you buy, after you shoot with it for a while, you'll likely start to develop more specific likes and dislikes and you'll be in a position to make a more educated choice next time. For now, I'd say just go with the one that grabs you for whatever irrational reason because you'll enjoy picking it up more and you probably WILL pick it up more. The differences are much much much smaller than the similarities when you're stepping up like you're doing.

    Good luck. Have fun!

  11. Andrewteee

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    Jul 8, 2010
    The Sony NEX sensor is better. That is clear. But I would probably rather own the G3. I currently own the NEX 3 and it will soon be up for sale. There are a lot of factors to consider between these two cameras because you are choosing between two cameras and two systems. What are your priorities in addition to IQ?