Nex-5r (and maybe 6) to have phase detection on sensor?

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    (SR5) NEX-5R sensor has phase detection pixels on sensor!!! | sonyalpharumors

    I saw this rumor this morning. I wondered when someone was going to bring something like the Nikon 1 focus system, but on a larger sensor (not sure if EOS-M offers an AF speed advantage?) It would seem like it is going to start being more and more difficult to sell APS-based DSLRs?

    It also makes me wonder how long Sony will invest in SLT. I have heard there is also a light loss associated with PDAF receptors (right term?) on the sensor?
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    As I understand it, the PDAF doesn't work in weaker light (at least on the Nikon 1 series). Still, this is all goodness. Proof will be in the pudding.

    I haven't read great things about Canon's hybrid AF system on the T4i, whereas Nikon's (in good light) is supposed to be quick.

    What about micro adjustment? Does sensor-based PDAF need it and, if so, is it being supported on these cameras? With the Nikon 1 series tiny sensor, the DOF might make it moot, but now we're talking APS-C with (theoretically) fast glass. MA issues may show up here. It'll be interesting to watch it develop.
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    I guess the good thing for Sony is that that if they changed from the translucent mirror to on-chip PDAF on their hybrid SLR/SLT models it changes little in the camera other than removing the mirror and existing PDAF system. It would even give them back the ~1/3 stop light loss from the mirror. Their biggest problem would be coming up with a new name :eek:
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    Yeah, the idea is nice, it all depends on the implementation