Nex 6 loses virginity ... not an easy first time

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  1. Wolf

    Wolf SC Veteran

    Mar 4, 2012
    Yesterday eve I was at a great blues rock performance by Frank Cosentino (Canada)
    The first real test for my newly aquired Nex 6.
    I took the SEL 50mm and 55-210mm (just wanted to test that one in those conditions)

    Anyway, I had a lot of technical problems...
    The camera kept on giving "camera error, turn off and on the camera" message after every single shot almost.
    So I changed some settings, battery, memory card, lens... nothing helped...

    Then I decided to just take some shuts and turn off/on camera everytime
    Unfortunatly i forgot i had put the resolution to 8 mp :(

    I was gonna take the camera back to sony today, but thus far i've been testing the camera indoors today and no problems with any of my lenses now ?!!!!!
    I did update 55-210 lens to v2

    Anyway, here are the shots
    Frank Cosentino Live - a set on Flickr

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    View attachment 61160

    View attachment 61161

    View attachment 61162
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  2. wt21

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    Aug 15, 2010
    The shots look clean at least.

    How was the AF in those conditions? Did it struggle? Maybe you didn't even notice, given your other issues!?!
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  3. A nice decent set of images. Others that i have seen have all looked pretty poor to be honest but these look really good.
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  4. Wolf

    Wolf SC Veteran

    Mar 4, 2012
    The AF was snappy tbh (with the 50mm) and accurate (used iso 800)

    Today i have used my nex 6 again for some halloween shots (i'll post them later) and no problems with 16-50...

    IF the problem shows up again, i'll bring it to Sony store for repair, but so far, no more problems :-SSSS
    odd cuz i only updated the 55-210 firmware and i havn't used that one since the update
  5. Luckypenguin

    Luckypenguin SC Hall of Famer

    Dec 24, 2010
    Brisbane, Australia
    Nice shooting! Sorry to hear about the problems that you had. I'll be interested to see some images from the new 16-50mm zoom...
  6. Wolf

    Wolf SC Veteran

    Mar 4, 2012
    they are online now ;-)
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