Nice interview with Michael Kenna

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    I guess a Hasselblad is about as far as you can get from a compact camera besides a view camera. However he does use Holgas which are kind of compact. Anyway it's a nice film based interview. I'm very interested because we have a full darkroom set up with the fancy revolving door to the wet/dry sides and multiple formats of enlargers at the main campus where I just transferred. I plan on starting to shoot film this Spring since I have been given permission and a set of keys to lab by the photography instructor.

    An Exclusive HolgaDirect interview with Michael Kenna | Holga Direct

    HolgaDirect: Most of your work is shot on Hasselblad film cameras. But you have also produced images from a Holga. Apart from the first letter these two pieces of equipment are seemingly on the complete opposite ends of the technical spectrum. Do your technical and artistic approaches change much when switching to the Holga?

    Michael Kenna: I’ve always considered the make and format of camera to be ultimately low on the priority scale when it comes to making pictures. I think personal vision is far more important. A sense of esthetics, a personal connection with the subject matter, an enquiring and inquisitive mind – these factors outweigh whatever equipment you use.
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  2. Who's Michael Kenna?
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    according to the first line of the story in the link he is ........ "one of the most internationally acclaimed fine art photographers of the modern era"
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    I saw some of his works when he had an exhibition in Japan, some of his images inspired me to shoot the way I do.