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  1. Today I received the adapter and hood I have been getting around to buying for a year. Now, I want a higher capacity battery or two, I was quite surprised when I went out the other day to find that my battery was dead flat. I'm buying from ebay, and have seen capacities varying from 1100mAh to 2500mAh (the one which came with the camera is 1700mAh). Anyone got any recommendations?

    Also, now I have the adapter, a UV filter and the hood fitted, I need a different case to the neoprene leftover I was using. Are there any around which cope with the hood on? Or shall I simply hit the stores for some generic caselogic one? I'm not proud, don't need branded :)

    And a thumbsup or similar is still on the list. I have to save for that.
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    I have a Pearstone brand that is 1050 mAH and 2 no name generics that are 1800. They all last longer than an afternoon of shooting, but I always turn off my camera when not using it.

    Sorry I don't have a recommendation for a case. I just use a half case. The camera is too good looking to hide inside a case :biggrin:
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  3. I admit those half cases look pretty good, but I want something to protect the whole camera when I throw it in a bag. I'll probably grab a Horusbennu case if I ever get a half. Much as I like the look of the Gariz, I cannot justify the cost (and there are one or two others just as gorgeous, with equally high prices :() In the meantime though, protection from me is important. Esp now I have no cap on it (must get a generic 49mm pinch cap)