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    Mar 6, 2011
    Hi Folks,

    Perfectly nice Lumix LX3.

    Also listed on MU-43 as of a few hours ago.

    Got this for the wife, she wants more Zoooooom. She really doesn't care about the great Leica lens, all the wonderful reviews, and what a terrific photographers camera this is. She doesn't even care that it shoots RAW. She wants another P&S with some reach like he ZS3. (Thanks Kevin)

    She loved the Oly - ZS3. I'm so clever that I gave that to my daughter, and upgraded Michelle to the LX3. I loved loved loved it, her not so much.

    I'll swap this for a P&S of equal value and build quality it'll have to be a little better than a ZS3 for example..

    Or sell for $260. with the extra battery and 8 GIG card.

    If we swap, we can just keep our original memory card and swap cameras.

    The LX3 has a screen protector over the LCD, the protector has wear and use scratches on it, but the LCD has been covered since new. I bought it from the original owner when he upgraded to an ยต43 camera.

    In the Box:

    Everything that came with the camera - software etc.
    A spare battery.
    8 GIG SDHC - Toshiba memory card