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    Ricoh unveiled its latest Pentax DSLR this week, the K-S1...

    The first thing I notice is that this camera has no touch screen and no native wifi, but does feature a big K-mount lens with noisy autofocus. The problem with the K-S1, to my eyes, is that it's not going to appeal to Ricoh's stated target market: mobile-interface shooters. Our very own John Flores points out in a thread over on that there have been only two devices that have resonated with this market in the past decade: the iPhone and the GoPro camera. Pentax and the rest of the traditional camera industry still don't have a clue about how to reach these people and I have to fearfully wonder what Pentax's next crack at mirrorless will look like. I just have to shake my head.
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    from dpreview...... "The optional Flucard for PENTAX offers additional features such as Wi-Fi transfer, wireless live view, and Remote Capture control; letting users take control of their camera settings with a smartphone, tablet, or computer and save images directly to a mobile device"

    at $800 with the kit lens, I don't see the value in this camera. If the Flucard (couldn't there be a better name for it?!) were standard instead of optional, I think people could see the benefits a little easier. I don't have the answers, but apparently Ricoh doesn't either. Maybe they need to pair up with a cell phone maker and get a phone into a GR body.
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    I won't be going anywhere near it. I laughed at their efforts with the Q, but the Q7 appeals to me and I think thats about as good as it gets with pentax mirrorless.