Phoenix Zoo Trip

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  1. Spent the day, (Monday), at the Zoo with out of town family. Still a bit warm here in Phoenix, but manageable.

    A6000 and 55-210mm worked fine for most shots but anything at the 210mm in the dark was really a stretch for this lens. If I did longer shots more frequently, I would have to get something with a much better F-Stop. And I had to switch over to DMF whenever there was a fence in the way.

















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    Nice. I especially like the big cats, although the eagle is pretty impressive. I've missed a couple of times on getting pics of them in the wild. I don't know how some folks get Nat Geo quality images of eagles snatching fish from the water, or landing on a branch. Way beyond my skill set.
  3. Thanks man.

    There is a fascinating couple of documentaries on Netflix about wildlife and nature photographers.
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    At the zoo, I try to get as close to the fence as possible and put it effectively inside the minimum focusing distance. Works in most places, some not so much. Aviaries are particularly problematic for this. Probably the best zoo I ever went to without fence problems was the Bronx in NY.

  5. That is the ideal, but many of the fences at our zoo you can not do that. There is often an additional barrier between the fence and you.

    Plus there is something about remembering these animals are not free.