Reasons to shoot RAW part 1 Colour

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    May 6, 2011
    Hi there
    Like many, I've been very much attracted to the Fuji jpg engine - great detail and sharpness, and all of those splendid options.

    BUT having really tried, and done lots of comparisons, I've realised that RAW is still (as always) the way to go.

    Sky colour is a real bugbear of mine, it's why I didn't go Canon when the 5D came out, and it's always been a real plus point for Sony, Leica, and now Pentax.

    This example shows what I mean; the first is shot in the default jpg mode on the X100, the second shot is RAW - there is no more processing in either of them.



    Now - many might contend that the jpg shot is more attractive, but it's not right, there is definitely too much cyan in the sky colour
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