[FS] Ricoh GXR with A12 50mm f2.5 Macro lens

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Hi, I'm selling my Ricoh GXR with 50mm lens. Everything is in great condition - the optics are perfect. See the photos to judge the condition yourself. Comes with everything shown. I just don't use it that much and I'm really into shooting my 5Dii right now.

    Included are:
    -Ricoh GXR body - I've had a screen protector on it from day 1, the screen is perfect.
    -50mm APS-C lens unit
    -Hoya filter kit with skylight, neutral density, and circular polarizer in case
    -2nd battery, recently purchased
    -Boxes, manuals, papers, CD, cables

    Price $799. Add 3% for paypal, or send marking it as a "gift" transaction. Shipping via FedEx $45. Or you are welcome to come to my apartment in New York City to pickup.

    Thanks for your interest,

    <p><br /></p>

    <p> 6848829303_36fdfa0ec7_b. "Ricoh GXR front left" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848829527_8820b517b4_b. "Ricoh GXR front right" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848829727_ce78174469_b. "Ricoh GXR left" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848829941_296a97da59_b. "Ricoh GXR right" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848830205_7776dc0609_b. "Ricoh GXR back" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848830513_f60b10e62c_b. "Ricoh GXR top" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848830765_5d0193a26c_b. "Ricoh GXR front flash" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848830961_0f0a903d72_b. "Ricoh GXR bottom" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848831097_1196a43cd0_b. "Ricoh GXR unmounted" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848831353_c96569f7d2_b. "Ricoh GXR shutter count" /><br /></p>

    <p> 6848831667_95229c291b_b. "Ricoh GXR package" /><br /></p>