Scenes from Charleston SC

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    Using a combination of my Pentax K-x and Samsung TL500, which worked out pretty well I think. Apologize in advance for the length of the post.

    You know you're in the South when the cola cans are blue.

    Detail from a shop windows in the market.

    Angel Oak, 1,500 years old, possibly the oldest living organism east of the Mississippi River.

    A stroll along Rainbow Row.

    The Charleston Tea Plantation, the only working tea garden in North America.

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    No apologies needed - ever, junyo! Charleston, South Carolina is a fantastic's been quite a few years for me since I had the pleasure of visiting but I fell in love with the old historic downtown section...and have always wanted to go back to listen to some good jazz...while ducking beneath the live oaks and Spanish moss. I have always fantasized about living in one of those old houses, that I believe you've pictured in your Rainbow Row section.

    Did they have any Moon Pies with those RC Colas?:biggrin: Great shot of that old cooler... I don't think we visited that tea plantation, but I'd love to. Please don't hesitate to tell and show us more, junyo.:popcorm2:
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    One more reason for me to head south. Thanks.
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    What a beautiful old tree. All of these pictures are so Southern. Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes, really nice picture of the tree.