Shoot Less, Share More

Discussion in 'Philosophy of Photography' started by Biro, Apr 4, 2013.

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    Thanks for linking that Biro. Pretty strong message. I have often thought the same thing, especially when reading someone recommending a max lens load for Disney, for example, but I have never come close to expressing the thoughts so eloquently.
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    Thanks for sharing this. That comment about photographers creating our own parallax really resonated with me - the idea that by spending our time capturing moments, we are changing the way we experience those moments. Not a bad thing to remember, every now and again.
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    Stephen Noel
    As a man that is loosing the physical ability to "DO", as I use to. I realize that the thousands of photo that I have taken over 50+ years, don't mean very much to me or any one else. The very massive quantity weakens the impact, like a cup of good coffee or tea, poured into a quart of hot water to " have more". The world is becoming flooded with images. The very mass of very good, as well as not so good, has the effect of "diluting" our senses. I look at the wonderful images posted here, on this forum, and realize, that I am so "jaded" with looking at pictures, that I hardly stop to really "see" the beauty and technical quality before me. How often do you stop and really look at images?

    This has become so apparent to me, because I have gradually stopped visiting forums. This is my forum home, and yet I find myself enjoying it less and less, for photography and equipment's sake. I enjoy the occasional conversation that crops up. And I drop by several times a day, for a look-see. But the weather is beginning to warm up and Old Bones can now be outside more. So my time here will be much less.

    I keep a camera close, but "fire" it less often, and delete ruthlessly. I've been at it too long to quit. But I intend to shoot less and be more selective, and post less, not more. :smile:

    The ramblings of an old man,