Size comparison: FZ200 vs. G3X

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  1. Jock Elliott

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    Unfortunately, this does not include the optional EVF for the G3X, but without it, they appear to be about the same size:

    Fz200 vs g3x.JPG G3x vs fz200 top.JPG

    They both offer 600mm (e). The G3X has a bigger sensor. TheFZ200 offers f/2.8 throughout the focal range. Now, can anyone offer insight on how the autofocus speed compares?

    Cheers, Jock
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    As much as I appreciate the EVF, I was curious how much better the larger sensor of the G3X would be. I could not find the FZ200 at DPR, but I did find another 1/2.3 sensor Lumix (ZS50) to compare at iso 800. It was a huge difference. (If you want to look yourself, you need to open up the comparison for the RX100 IV and change both windows, at least until the G3X is added to the studio comparison.) The G3X looks equivalent to the RX100 IV in noise performance.
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    BTW, The G3X looks like a pretty sweet camera. For the money, I'd still go for the FZ1000 since 400 is usually enough for me. For wildlife and birds, however, the G3X with the EVF could a winner, especially since it's a bit smaller and handier for daily shooting as well. It's very similar in size to the EM1:

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