Snima IRIS

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    Aug 18, 2011
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    Check this modular mirrorless concept out:


    (I couldn't start a thread in the main mirrorless forum, so I put it in the Nex subsection. Admins, please move as you see fit)
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    I'd be very interested in a camera like that! Love the idea of having the "switch dial function" button located in the middle of the dial in question! Makes one-handed shooting very easy. Combined with the weatherproof body and lens, the very flexible screen and the EVF, it has a lot going for it! Now all it needs is a small, fast, wide angle weatherproof lens :smile:

    Now back to reality:with the OM-D, Olympus is already getting very, very close to my ideal camera, although a bit less depth and longer battery life would be nice.
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    I actually really like the camera concept.