Sony RX100 or Olympus E-MP2?

Discussion in 'Sony RX100 Forum' started by elandel, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. elandel

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Already posted in our m4/3 sister forum but I think many of you already have real-life experience of both.

    Hi all. I was looking for a compact-pocketable (or nearly pocketable camera) with excellent IQ and thought it could be interesting buying a Sony RX100, but then I said to myself: "What about an Oly E-pm2?" Also considering that I have a good Oly m4/3 system, then the Sony RZ100 M2 was announced but reviews are not all so good in terms of IQ at low ISO due to its new backlit sensor.

    Well now I'm thinking about the original RX100 - first type or E-pm2; have you suggestions.
    I need it for taking with me on everyday use, also this summer when I'm going on holiday to my usuall seaside place.

    So it has to be light, excellent IQ, easy to carry in a small bag where I put all my things -glasses, money etc.

    Can you help me choose? Is the size very different between RX100 and E-pm2?

    I already have E-pl5 but will trade in for E-P5.
  2. elandel

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Made a mistake on title wrote E-MP2 instead E-PM2 - I apologize.
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    Nov 11, 2011
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    The RX100 is much smaller. If you consider the size of the lenses, it becomes MUCH, MUCH smaller. I'll preface my remarks by saying that I am NOT a fan of very small cameras. I don't think they handle very well (for me) and I am NOT satisfied with the IQ from smaller sensors. m43 is as small a sensor as I would accept...... until I tired the RX100. I still prefer a larger camera for handling purposes, but otherwise, the RX100 comes with me fairly often. The IQ is good often surprises me with how good it is. And when I have it, I never need to wonder what lenses to bring along.

    If you just want a second compact body to use with your lenses, get the Olympus. But if you really want a truly compact camera...just a little thing to throw in the bag (I actually often put it in my jeans pockets.....try THAT with a m43 camera!), the RX100 is more than good enough (and I'm speaking as someone who puts a high value on IQ).

    just my 2 cents.....they're both great cameras, but as you presented the question, that is my answer.
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    Aug 7, 2011
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    The key here is whether you need a truly pocketable camera. If so, then there's no question: The RX100 is the way to go. But if you're looking for a smaller camera that might be coat-pocketable with a small prime while retaining higher image quality, then the E-PM2.
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    Jun 25, 2011
    I've been mulling this over recently and even the most compact m4/3 bodies will have their final, real world physical profile redefined by the lens. The most compact zoom (if you want more than a single focal length) is the Panasonic 14-42 PZ, which is amazingly compact for what it is...but if you really want pocketability, the lens is going to be your critical factor and m4/3 probably isn't going to make the cut on that standard.

    (Wow, look at that, registered two years, first post!!! :eek: :biggrin: )
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    May 7, 2011
    RX100 is at the jean pocketable limit for me and sizewise e-pl5 with the cap lens (15mm) does not fit into the same case that I have (due to extra width). So it depends on your bag size. Epm2 has nearly same size as epl5 and you will be adding a lens to that. Try to check RX100 at a shop and see the difference. Usually you need an additional grip for RX100 which will be available with the new RX100 II. Size comparison:
    Compare camera dimensions side by side

    They are the fastest af cameras that I use with near zero lag and af works at night! RX100 uses the auoto distortion correction (-11.2%) at the wider angles like the m43 lenses (which usually have 5-7% correction):
    Test Sony DSC-RX100 - Optics - Camera Test -

    Usually RX100 is the camera with me for daily use and I prefer to use it for street photography due to its smaller size compared to bigger OMD+12-35mm lens... Only thing you need to watch is min shutter speed 1/30sec to raise the ISO usually at low light/night shots.
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    Feb 24, 2013
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    I honestly doubt that you'll find anything currently available that will fit quite comfortably into a jeans pocket, and match the technical image quality of the RX100. I've had mine for more than six months, and its output still amazes me. I can't comment on the Olympus as I don't own it.

    As someone mentioned above, you might want a grip - although I find the supplied wrist strap perfectly convenient. Another option would be to use the case, with neck strap.
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    ROFL!! Congratulations.