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    Bill Shinnick
    I am still learning with the DP2M and recently added a Metz 20-C2 flash for less than $100AUD. It is not fully automatic but setting the camera to around 1/150 seconds at F2.8 or F5.6 and 100ISO and choosing the matching setting on the flash allows the flash to calculate the exposure. It worked reasonably well indoors with exposure needing a lift in post processing. I was pleased with the detail captured after letting the camera focus (in the low light).

    22225910312_f6a5b5f74f_b. DP2M0146-Edit-rs by Bill Shinnick, on Flickr

    The next two shots were taken in full sun. They are unremarkable but I like them.

    21615975714_61eb2e00c3_b. DP2M0148-Edit-rs by Bill Shinnick, on Flickr

    21617688953_5c35c8c65c_b. DP2M0152-Edit-rs by Bill Shinnick, on Flickr

    C&C welcome.
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