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  1. I see that in the rules for selling, there are various notes to do with people asking too much, and the etiquette involved with letting them know (and I agree with that), however if it happens, it is often happening (I see it elsewhere) that people put an unrealistic price because they genuinely don't know what's fair.

    If there was a venue to put something out there to get a price check, and NOT use that as a way of getting round other rules to do with selling, it would be much appreciated, I'm sure.
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    Nov 11, 2011
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    Sue, I understand your point. I think the old rules of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) will help the seller eventually find the right price.

    When I price items, I check to see what used prices are on Amazon and a couple of the big camera stores online. Also checking completed items on eBay show real world numbers about what the gear is worth in a given week. These are all just guidelines, of course.

    I just think that a forum like you suggest would just end up being someone sees an item they want in the classifieds and then someone who thinks the price is too high posts a link in the price check forum.
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  3. I have never seen that happen before but ok, whatever. All I was looking for was advice from peopl who might know. I'll seek my own solution elsewhere. Thanks.
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    This may be helpful: ***Read Before Posting - Updated August 19, 2012*** - Micro Four Thirds User Forum

    I'll copy it over to here when I get a chance.

    I don't think any of us really know what any gear sells for at any given time, because the market changes quickly. Whenever someone asks me what to sell their gear for, I have to do the work for them (check Ebay, check FredMiranda, respond). So if we had such a forum, it would be a place where people ask each other to go do work - better to learn how to find the answer.
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  5. I get it, Amin. I searched ebay before I went asking about this. The particular items are not listed. at all. So that really doesnt help, when you have stuff thats a tad rare. anyway, clearly its not going to happen so the matter can be dropped.
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    Sue, we can all help you find a price for an unusual or rare item. What are you looking to part with?
  7. Please lets not belabour the point. I wanted a separate forum, its not going to happen, end of.