Summer Fun!

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    Spent most of yesterday with family having some good old summer time fun. Not many pictures as most of the time I was participating in the fun - and the fun involved water. The camera I brought (Fuji X100T) is not one of those that plays well with the wet stuff.

    My niece was having quite a time trying to deal with this water balloon!
    08-09-2015_X100T_sharkparty_DSCF9076. 08-09-2015_X100T_sharkparty_DSCF9083.

    My wife, got a little too messy with the "blood" we put in some of the water balloons (red food coloring).
    08-09-2015_X100T_sharkparty_DSCF9091. 08-09-2015_X100T_sharkparty_DSCF9098.
    And the boys were chasing Swedish Fish in the bucket. We be crazy! biggrin.
  2. Great times.
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