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Discussion in 'Other >= 1" Sensor Cameras' started by bilzmale, May 6, 2014.

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    Bill Shinnick

    Not crazy about the new version of Flickr so have signed up to jAlbum. I got 10GB with website hosting for 3 years for less than $30. If you have your own website you get permanent use for $20.

    It's on 'special' at Bits du Jour today. There are also options for commercial use.


    Posted this here because I wanted to see that I could link from here and it works. Taken with my new Sony RX10.
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    I've used the jAlbum software on my computer but have never uploaded anywhere. Might try it now I have self hosting again, I forgot about it. Thanks, Bill for reminding me (I wont take their hosting offer, already paid for ipernity and wish I had not.)
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    Sue, I think that the problem with ipernity is that Flickr have such a large number of users that the "footfall" is with them and it is difficult to see this changing. If you have established "follower" and have built up a network through a few years of using Flickr it is difficult to start again without a significant drop in satisfaction levels.
    It does not concern me as a). I have never had many followers, and b). the images that I look at and follow are in a specialist area and I primarily use these for information and reference.
    IMHO ipernity have made a mistake in launching their "free" service, in that it is not up to the level of free Flickr, but maybe their £marketing budget would not allow it.