The Purple People Bridge

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    This purple bridge spans the Ohio River (1/2 mile), one end sits in Cincinnati, OH and the other in Newport, KY. It is now privately owned, but started out its life in 1872 as a railroad bridge. It was privately purchased and renovated in 2003 and can be rented for events if you choose. They do leave it open for pedestrian traffic, though. There are 2 sides you can choose to walk over.

    People have started to follow the trend of putting locks onto the fences to express their love for another or to honor the memory of those no longer with us.

    17773725482_f68f0c061a_b. lil Shaun 2015 by Andrew Livelsberger, on Flickr

    17774459461_13a56c8dd1_b. crossing the purple people bridge by Andrew Livelsberger, on Flickr

    17773999705_7c1934729a_b. Great American Insurance Building 2 by Andrew Livelsberger, on Flickr
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