The Torbay Lifeboat answers a shout (call out) in choppy conditions (Update 3rd June)

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    At 12:30 UK time today the Torbay Lifeboat, the RNLB Alec and Christina Dykes slipped her moorings behind the landward end of the north eastern breakwater and put to sea.

    Seen here in deceptively sheltered water nearing the end of the breakwater

    The coxswain applies a little more power as he begins to round the breakwater. Some of the Heritage boats that were rallying and racing can be seen in the background

    Yet more power, with in the background the sail training ship Stavros S Niarchos at anchor

    Beginning now to feel the power of the short swell and easterly headwind



    Heading away east south east towards Berry Head in a welter of spray

    No cropping of any of the shots.

    All with a Panasonic GH2 and Olympus 50-200 f/2.8-3.5 4/3 fitting lens

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    The 50-200 was the lens I always wanted for my E-1. Back then I thought it cost a fortune....pales in comparison to what I've spent since....many times over :blush:

    Obviously a very capable lens - especially in your hands mate.....

    Adds to a great nautical series.
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  3. Nice series, Barrie. You have captured the power of the ocean beautifully in the last three. Love them!
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    Thanks Mark. I purchased mine secondhand for use on an E1. Finally got a m4/3 camera (GH2) that it will auto focus on, but it's slow and hunts, so today it was mostly used in manual focus. Not sure a couple of the end ones are spot on, but thankfully detail is lost in the spray, so it conveys the image well enough. It's a splendid lens optically, if a bit heavy. I was using a pistol grip with it today, the first time I've tried it hand held.

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    I have just found out that the call out was to a 40 foot motor vessel 8 miles off Berry Head that had suffered engine failure and loss of steerage. Subsequently the lifeboat had to leave this casualty in charge of the coastguard vessel Falcon and proceed to the aid of one of the classic sailing boats that was in danger of drifting ashore given the strong onshore winds. The lifeboat towed the classic sailing vessel back to Brixham.