The Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania

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    Nick Clark
    Hi everyone, here's a set from a recent four-day trip to the western part of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park in Tasmania.

    This was a pretty special trip as it was high-season for Nothofagus gunnii, or 'Deciduous Beech'. Fagus is Australia's only native, winter deciduous plant, and is endemic to the western and southern mountains of Tasmania. It generally shows it's best colour around Anzac Day (April 25) but due to a very dry summer this season has been much later.

    Photographically, fagus and Tasmania have been made inseparable through the landscape work of Peter Dombrovskis.

    Check out my blog for a trip write-up and more shots: http://peopleandotherstrangecreatur...f-jerusalem-cathedral-plateau-and-mt-rogoona/

    Shot with the Ricoh GR











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    That's some beautiful shots there.

    Wouldn't mind retiring on some acreage in Tassie. I'm only across the Tasman currently.
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    Beautiful scenery ! #7 & #10 make me reach for my walking boots...

    Thanks ! :thumbup:
  4. What a neat looking place
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    May 15, 2014
    The shot of the mushrooms is great.
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    Bill Shinnick
    I like all of these.
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    Baptiste Payen
    Nice colors and contrasts, thanks for sharing !
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    Nice job with a good subject.