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    During the recent SIJ I took the opportunity to transition from processing my images in ACR or DxO Optics and Photoshop to RawTherapee and GIMP.

    I think I've now cracked it, certainly in terms of monochrome, and have been processing many of my older images. Over the years I've taken many at the South Devon Railway, mostly on special weekends with engines from elsewhere or running unusual duties. These go back to 2012 or 2013 and the cameras are either the Panasonic G1 or GH2 often with the Panasonic 14-45mm zoom.

    1369 at speed heading towards Staverton
    This locomotive is a long time stalwart on the line

    3205 crossing the mill leat
    Another long time locomotive on the line

    120406-1040638. A visiting BR Standard class tank waiting for the signal in the early morning sun
    A visiting engine running the early morning milk train
    A rare instance of double heading
    The visiting BR Standard tank on a goods working
    A "tatty" 1450 on the early morning train to Totnes
    This engine went in the shops for a paint job at the end of it's week in service, it was kept dirty to be in keeping with services during the final years of steam operation

    1450 returns from Totnes nearing Buckfastleigh on the early morning service

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  2. OH! Ignore my comment on your other post. Here they are, those engines steaming along. Love them!!
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