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    Over the second weekend in May we went, as people in Michigan say…'up north' to the Bay Harbor area for a few days. As lower Michigan looks like a mitten, people use their palm to point out the location of different cities etc. So….our home is in the middle of the thumb pad and Bay Harbor where we stayed, is at the tip of the ring finger, about 4hrs north.

    We came to find out that things still hadn't completely come alive yet, as it turned out that some places in the area were not due to open for a couple of more weeks, we were even the first people of the year to rent bicycles. The marina which is usually filled with boats, was completely empty, we were told that Little Traverse Bay had ice only the week before our visit as did Lake Michigan.

    Part of a local art center.
    ArtCenter_wide by qhs232, on Flickr

    Petoskey_marina_empty by qhs232, on Flickr

    Petoskey_marina_fishnet by qhs232, on Flickr

    Petoskey-bldg_tree-reflections by qhs232, on Flickr

    Chrissie_evening_lighthouse by qhs232, on Flickr

    yellowhotel_angle by qhs232, on Flickr

    14338332604_9efebcb666_b. neck_strain by qhs232, on Flickr

    ArtCenter_close by qhs232, on Flickr

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    nice shots. My wife is from the U.P (that's "up north" to those outside of the area....and she's called a "Yooper" by those who know what that means). This winter was especially long (and brutal). But the mild summers make up for it (to me).
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    Thanks Luke. As the real UP North was only an hour away we had planned on visiting during a day trip, but the weather prevented that. I haven't heard anyone refer to "Yooper" for awhile.....yes the summers can certainly make up for the winters...eh? :smile: