Web threats on the increase.

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    Bill Shinnick
    This is a security bulletin from the MCT-SafeComputing-List.
    A copy of the text of this email for verification - which may include
    further updates is at:
    Latest Bulletins

    Bulletin ID (also shown on web version): DCLR-8KHTCQ

    B U L L E T I N
    Security company Sophos has issued its mid-year security threat report.
    Highlights of the report include the following:
    There has been a 60% increase in malware in comparison with 2010, with
    Sophos seeing more than 150,000 new malware samples every day - one sample
    every 0.5 seconds. Some 19,000 malicious web pages are now identified
    daily, with 80% being pages on legitimate websites that have been hacked or
    compromised. 81% of people surveyed by Sophos said Facebook posed the
    biggest social networking.

    You can download the report from the Sophos website - it does ask you to
    supply your email and name and other details before providing the download.
    It is a well presented and interesting document if you decide to download
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    If you use facebook, bitdefender has released a facebook specific app which will check if you have been compromised by one of those scam posts, and protect you from them thereafter. You will need to install it as a facebook addon. its called Bitdefender Safego.

    Here's the link to the press release. I installed it as soon as I heard about it.
    BitDefender Announces Beta Launch of safego Application

    And, if you *are* on facebook, here's the page to go to, to get it
    BitDefender safego on Facebook | Facebook
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