WTT or FS: 2 Oly e-410 for m4/3 gear

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    I have a set of 2 under-utilized 410 bodies with boxes and original accessories that want to trade or sell. The ideal trade would include an EP2 with lens and VF-2:). Otherwise, I look forward to hearing any reasonable deals for either Oly or Panasonic m4/3 included. Yes, USD (paypal only) will be an option, either way. CONUS only. (no offence intended; just my comfort level)

    The gear I have includes

    - one regular E-410 (2000+clicks) 2nd owner
    - one infrared converted E-410 (less than 600 clicks) original owner, purchased from professional conversion company
    - one set of both kit lenses (14-42mm and 40-150mm (newer version)

    - original Oly battery with charger (each)
    - docs and disks with boxes

    I will consider an outright sale of the package for $ 635.00(usd) to verified paypal only. Otherwise, please contact me with any interest.

    This is the most compact Olympus DSLR. It produces great images. Some of mine are seen - Flickr/braussie54

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    Jul 3, 2010
    Terrific deal. Those IR conversions are expensive, and this would be a great entry into IR photography!
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