X100 with the new EF-X20 flash

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    Hi all. I originally started this in the X forum, but realized it belongs here. I know X100 doesnt get much chatter here, but I know others have inquired as to how it looks. I have previously owned the X100 + EF-20 (larger flashgun, but same GN 20 as the new EF-X20). Anyway, I wanted a smaller flash than the EF-20, which although it can bounce, it is larger larger!. This one doesnt swivel, but has the addition of a built in diffuser (via switch). When I add a cheapo stofen/diffuser knock-off ($3), it works quite well esp in redirecting the light and pseudo-bouncing. If want to, you can compensate in 1/3 increments for Flash EV + or -. Samples forthcoming.

    X100 + EF-X20

    X100 + EF-X20 + cheapo stofen diffuser

    Lastly, and in case anyone is curious, the strap is from LanceCameraStraps.com: String Loop Adjustable | Lance Camera Straps

    Two quick photos... Here are two photos I just took, first with no flash; second with the EF-X20 and the diffuser. If you go to my Flickr set, you can see the full size images. Personally, I dont use flash for still life items, but for portraits, the flash can make people 'pop' at events and parties, imho,. when warranted. Both photos taken from same spot, under harsh mix of fluorescent and incandescent lighting... ugh. The "no flash" looks more natural, but with flash has a certain charm of almost film-like coloration to it.

    The height of the soldiers are about six feet/two meters each

    No Flash:

    With flash:

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